Ever Toys

TOOLS: Balsamiq Mock Ups, InVision, Omnigraffle, Axure

TEAM: Solo    DURATION: 2 Weeks  

CONTEXT: Class Project

METHODS: Usability Testing, Wireframing, User Interviews, Data Synthesis, Rapid Paper Prototyping, Visual Design, Brainstorming, Survey Creation



Design an e-commerce website interface that meets shopper and stakeholder needs while displaying the unique personality of the small business, Ever Toys.


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The Design Process


Defining the Needs

Client Scenario

The owners of a fictional San Francisco based toy store, Ever Toys, decide to create their first online store in order to increase sales and outreach beyond local residents.

My role was to design the information architecture, content strategy, and interface of a user-centered online store platform to provide a seamless online shopping experience yet expresses the personal, small shop feel of the brick-and-mortar store.

Stakeholder interview

Key points from the interview with the owners of Ever Toys:

  • “increase sales”
  • “expand our customers beyond our physical store”
  • "nothing too extravagant for our first website"






Competitive Analysis

I evaluated the offerings of competitors in order to compare the:

  • Global navigation
  • Search feature's effectiveness
  • Availability of filtering results
  • Personality of the site
  • Ease of adding an item to a cart
  • Checkout flow
  • The use of a slide show or carousel on the front page

Card Sorting

I gathered 3 in-person and 6 online Optimal Workshop card sorts. I

Live Card Sorting

Standardization Grid

Similarity Matrix




User Flow Chart

Site Map

The information architecture Using the insights gained from

Iterative Design

 Click to View the Final Prototype

Click to View the Final Prototype